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Strategic Marketing For Accountants

Strategic Marketing For Accountants

Strategic Marketing For Accountants

You have a website because it is essential to your business right? You spent a lot of money to have it designed, but what is it really there for? Take 10 seconds to write down the purpose of your website in just 1 sentence.

Now that you have written down the purpose of your website, it should make this article more valuable and actionable for you. We recently surveyed 142 accounting firms throughout Queensland with the question, ‘What is the purpose of your website’. Do you know what the most common responses were?

  • Get our name out there / Raise awareness of our firm
  • To look professional
  • To show how we are different from other accountants
  • To provide information about who we are and explain our services
  • As a point of contact where people can find out email and phone number
  • To get more clients
  • Don’t know/Not sure

This is what a website does right? It is, but it is so much more. The responses listed above provide no useful information. Yes you may get more clients, but how did you get them? What is the point of being different from other accountants when you have a website, just like every other accountant. No, you need more than just a website, you need something the provides a clear means for measuring your website’s effectiveness.

A Key Performance Indicator For Your Website

There are a number of metrics that you could use through Google Analytics as a key performance indicator (KPI), but do you know what the best KPI to use is? Email. Thus, the real objective of your website should be to grow your email marketing database with targeted prospects. That’s it. Simple. Measurable. Valuable.

Acquiring these emails will be discussed shortly, but before we go into that, we will introduce you to a little marketing automation platform called Mailchimp. Mailchimp provides you with the opportunity to collect emails directly from your contact forms and collate them into a list. You can then email these prospects directly or set up email automation to send them specific, targeted emails at certain intervals.

Permission Based Inbound Marketing

A prospect who enters their details into a contact page becomes a hot prospect; This is obvious. They provided you with their details because they were interested in your services. What what if they are only testing the water and are still undecided. Through Mailchimp, you are able to send this clients a follow-up email about your services and if they have not yet made a decision, you can automate another follow-up email or set an alert to remind you to send them another follow-up email. And when a business follows up with you, doesn’t that make you feel as though they care about your business?

Another way to utilise a mailing list and get better performance from your website is to develop an annual budget ebook, or something similar. This is a give away item that you connect to a landing page. You advertise the book to your prospects both online and offline, telling them to go and download it from your website at https://your-domain.com.au/landing-page. Before they can download this ebook however, they must provide you with their email address.

This does two things; It tells you that they are interested in finance and promotes you as an expert in your industry. Of course you can use also use the time tested method of email list creation, writing a blog and having people sign up to your mailing list.

There are many marketing strategies that accountants can use and email marketing is only one of these. You may as well utilise it though, your website is not going to be as effective if you don’t. By providing your prospects with valuable information in your emails, you will have an easier time in moving them into client status. To find out more about how you can get your visitors to make a purchase decision on your website, check out our article, ‘How To Get Visitors To Buy‘.

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