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How To Keep Your Website Fresh

How To Keep Your Website Fresh

How To Keep Your Website Fresh

A freshly made, fluffy donut is always more appealing than a two day old stale one. This is also true for your website. A visitor who continues to find the same old content or images will eventually stop visiting your website. Here are six tips on how to keep your website fresh and to stay relevant.

Create For Your Audience

Do you know what your audience wants? With information so readily available, you need to know what your target audience is searching for and create a website based around that. People have becomes used to using Google to find information about various topics; They want more than just a pitch about your products and services, they want information and they won’t settle until they get it. If you are in touch with your customer base, you should have some idea of what they want to know about your products and services. The bottom line is, the quote ‘build it and they will come’ no longer works. It needs to be adapted for the new century, ‘inform them and they will keep coming back’. Learn more about your customer journey and buyer personas in our article, How To Get Your Visitors To Buy.

Build A Blog

There is a saying that is common in the online world, ‘Content is King’ and it’s totally true. Producing articles that informative and that your customers and prospects actually want to read will improve your lead generation process. A blog can help you interact with your audience in a more informal fashion. Exchange ideas, announce new product launches, host surveys and give feedback. A blog can be updated more often than your website and provide readers with something new to digest each time they return.

Repurpose Content

Once you start producing written content, it is easy to start to repurpose that content. Create a video demonstrating the information that you have written, make a podcast, take the summary of your information and convert it into a meme. One article can be spun into a variety of new forms of audience digestion.

Check Out The Competition

Competition is great! Not for the reasons most would purport though, competition is great for learning more about your audience. Follow your competition on social media, create an account on SEMrush and even check out their website. Find out what is working for them and do that.

Host A Contest

People love to compete and win prizes. Leverage this by creating your own competition. Give away something for free, whether it is a sample product or a free one time only service. Advertise the contest on social media. This draws more people to your site and they will have a look around. This can also bring in the marketing strategy known as reciprocity, which will be covered in a future article.

Ask For Feedback

Customers always want to share their opinions. In fact, many people search for reviews about products and services before they make a decision to buy. Make sure that you are providing what your customers want by simply asking them a few questions. Make sure you follow through on their answers as well. Never underestimate the importance of social proof.

By now you should have a better idea of how to keep your website fresh. This is only six of the many ways to show your prospects and customers how valuable your company. To stay relevant in a constantly changing environment, you need to change with it.

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