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Website As A Service is the term used when providing a website that does not expire to a business. The website is constantly kept up to date.
Yes, Website As A Service provides you with better value in the long run. With normal website design, you are charged for the website, charged again for hosting, then again for maintenance, then again for search engine optimisation. With Website As A Service, you are charged once for all of these products.
Yes, the packages include free website maintenance, ensuring that your website is always up to date.
The theme can be customised with your content. The general look and feel of the site can not be changed with this package, but the wording and images will definitely reflect your business.
Yes, a custom website can be quoted on using the Quote Request Page. A custom website starts at $5000.
Search Engine Optimisation is included in the packages. Your website is designed to rank well in Google and backlinks are created monthly for your site.
Yes, SEO can be purchased separately from $200/month. Please send us a message via the Quote Request page.
Yes, social media marketing is offered in our premium package and can also be purchased separately. For just social media marketing, please send us a message via the Quote Request page.
All of our Website As A Service packages come with SSL level encryption. This provides you with the https:// rather than the http:// address.
Yes, we work diligently to ensure that all of our websites are protected from intrusion and attack. We use the latest software available as well as encrypting our websites with SSL Certificates.

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