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Create An Email Signature That Converts

Create An Email Signature That Converts

Email is still a major player in digital marketing. It can be used to help with brand visibility and to build awareness. Based on a study by The Radicati Group of 2017, there are 225 billion emails sent every day, with 120 billion being for business alone. The open rate for these 120 billion was 25% with an average click through rate of 4.19%. Surprisingly only 17% of the emails sent were spam emails.

The study demonstrates that email is still growing strong in the business world. It is outperforming social media for building strategic relationships and brand awareness. In this article, we look at optimising your email signature to drive conversions. A good email signature is simple, informative, professional and puts the information at the forefront. By learning how to create a well thought out email signature, you may be able to utilise your email marketing more completely.

Why Add An Email Signature

The answer to why it can be beneficial to add an email signature may be obvious, but not everyone is utilising this feature. Most email signatures are simple:

Kind regards,

Joe Bloggs

While this can be a polite way to finish a message, it is under-utilising the property available. An email signature can be used to build traffic and increase awareness. It can provide your email recipients with easier access to your contact details. It can even get prospects to take specific actions and find out more about what your business has to offer.

As with any form of marketing, offering consistent, valuable, relevant and actionable content is most effective. This sort of content is ‘shareworthy’, making it easier for your information to go viral. You can’t share an email, but you can share content in the email that might be interesting enough for the person to read, and then they share it with their colleagues. An article or report may have gone unnoticed previously, but by adding it to your signature, you build awareness and improve your chances of a social share.

How You Can Use Your Email Signature

There are a number of ways that you can make the most of your email signature. You could use this landscape to promote an upcoming event or conference. It can be used to promote an ebook that you recently wrote or will be releasing soon. Use your signature to offer your email recipient an industry report or whitepaper you wrote. You could share a case study or testimonial as your signature. You could drive registration to a webinar or promote new products and services. The options are numerous and the potential is there for you to convert more prospects.

Your email signature could be a call to action for an upcoming sale that you are having. It could include a personalised video to add a human element to the email. By seeing your face, your prospects will find it easier to trust you. Allow your prospects to request a demo of your product or a trial of your services. Add a link to your calendar so they can make a booking with you. If you aren’t making use of one of these, you are wasting this space and leaving money on the table.

Email Signature Example
Retrieved from Tutsplus

The Do’s and Don’ts For Email Signatures

A good email signature layout is essential, however it is important that you use no more than 7 lines. This should include the advertising discussed in the previous section, key contact details and your social media accounts. Your key contact details should be the same colour as the text in the body, while links should be a different colour. Use the same font type through, however font hierarchy can add more impact if used correctly. Stay safe with font and only use web fonts as other font types may not show up in your email, making it look unprofessional and tacky.

Include your website in your signature to make it as easy as possible to find out more information about you and your business. This could be a text link or an image link. Image links have been found to be more effective, but be aware that images may not always be the best option. More on this later.

If you’re in business you should be running a social media campaign. There are many platforms to choose from and whatever platform you choose, include them in your email signature. Only include the platforms you are active on however, don’t put every platform you are subscribed to on there.

Don’t go overboard! Remember, a maximum of 7 lines only. People don’t need your CV in each email they receive from you. Also, using personal quotes and mottos can actually harm your conversion rate. If you do include them, do so with caution and a good reason. Disclaimers are a serious buzz kill. If you really need a disclaimer, add a couple of relevant words or a sentence with a link to more information. While on the topic of links; Avoid irrelevant links. This can include old, outdated blog post links or something that is simply not relevant to the person receiving the email.

Using images in your email signature is fine, especially when it comes to your company logo, but having the entire signature as an image can reduce conversions. This is because many email clients have images blocked as a default setting. This could be hazardous if you are using any images at all, but if your entire signature is an image, it is simply not going to be seen.

Ensure your signature is well aligned. Having text and images out of alignment can make your signature appear cluttered and unorganised. Of course, having a well aligned email signature can bring harmony and professionalism into your signature. Sometimes you may want to include a photo of yourself. Be sure to make the photo professional. That means no selfies and no obvious crops.

Everything is about mobile these days and your email signature is no different. If your signature is not mobile responsive, you need to change it! Make sure your links are ‘tappable’ as well and that your images scale proportionately.

When looking at design, you could add a solid colour to the background, but don’t use too many colours in the signature. Contrasting can add to the signature, but make sure the text is readable and everything flows well. It can be helpful to use a divider to separate your body text from the email signature to make the design more appealing. It can be beneficial to add a call to action to your signature, but don’t go overboard. Adding too many calls to action will leave your prospect with too many options and so they will take the easiest option, do nothing.

If you do add a call to action to your email signature, it is essential that you track the clicks. You are able to make the best decisions about how effective a campaign is if you are able to access the most data. Thus, making your links trackable should be a priority.

In order to make your links trackable, set up a Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) code in Google Analytics. To do this you will need to have Google Analytics set up on your website, a campaign created for your email, the URL that the link leads to, the campaign source (email referrer), and the campaign medium (email signature). Further information about this will be covered in a future article, but for now check out this video for further instructions.


Once this is all set up, you can click on ‘Campaigns’ in Google Analytics to view your progress. That is:

Audience → Traffic Sources → Sources → Campaign


Email marketing is still an effective marketing strategy and should be utilised by your business. Because email signatures are not being used as effectively by businesses, you could really stand out by adding a good signature to your email. There are a number of ways that you can provide valuable information to your email recipients through your email signature, including relevant advertisements, key contact details and links to your website and social media accounts. By providing great content in your signature with relevant calls to action, you can get your email recipients converting in no time.

As with any campaign however, it is always best to measure how successful the campaign is. Don’t just add a signature with links and hope for the best. Make those links trackable, learn what works and what doesn’t work, then make changes so that your email signature is the best that it can possibly be.

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