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About JaenkeTech

About Us


JaenkeTech is a website design and digital marketing
firm. With over four years of international experience in website design, search engine optimisation and digital marketing, JaenkeTech is an expert in the industry. We have developed websites for not-for-profit as well as for profit organisations. Through experimentation with different techniques, we have determined that the most effective marketing strategy for a website is a specific, targeted campaign. Rather than purchasing a once only, buy and forget website, clients are able to invest in an ongoing marketing campaign that adapts their website to meet the needs of their customers.

Our Mission Statement

JaenkeTech aspires to provide the most relevant and
effective website designs to our clients. We are committed to developing a business tool that has measurable results. We use these results to better improve the website for our client and their customer's benefit.

  • Customer focused
  • High Quality
  • Results Driven
  • International Experience


We operate with integrity in everything that we do.


We try to provide as much value as possible for our customers.


We consistently strive to be the most skilled in our industry.


We get the job done, no matter what.


We provide our services to clients to the best of our ability every time.


Our designs are professional at all times as is our marketing.

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